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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cursor educates students from Kozminski University on e-commerce logistics

Cursor will support postgraduate studies curriculum organised by Kozminski University in Warsaw. Students majoring in “e-Commerce” will learn how to effectively manage online store logistics.

The studies which open their first edition in the second half of October 2013 are targeted to people who would like to expand their skills of effective implementation and management of e-commerce projects. The faculty members include mainly practitioners who deal with online business on an everyday basis. The staff is complemented by academics who are focussed on studying this area of the economy. The majority of classes will be conducted as workshops and practical activities to provide students with knowledge that they can use directly in their professional activity.

Classes on e-logistics will be conducted by Grzegorz Wroniszewski, responsible at Cursor for the management and development of the Department of Logistics and e-commerce. He boasts a long-standing experience in executing projects for the largest concerns, including among others: Unilever, Nestle, Coty, Johnson & Johnson, Sony, Philip Morris, Nutricia and Diageo. He authored many professional publications on logistics and marketing.

Logistics is a vital element of e-business. It often shapes the image of the store, thus impacting purchasing decisions of Internet users. Efficient management of this area might be crucial for the success or failure of e-commerce endeavours, said Grzegorz Wroniszewski, Group Account Director at Cursor.

The curriculum of post-graduate studies organised by the Kozminski University, the leading non-public university in Poland, includes three thematic modules: e-commerce basics, management of e-commerce and e-commerce promotion instruments. Partners of the major are e-commerce Polska, Gemius and Divante.

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