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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chasing the changing market – new trends and solutions for the trade

The commercial sector is subject to systematic changes, in analogy to the differentiating economical level and macro-economic situation of the given country. Discounts, the popularity of which has increased again after the period of economic crisis and persists to the present day, have currently their big time in Poland.

Expansion of the stores, the philosophy of which does not include the use of sales representatives or merchandisers (Lidl of Biedronka), results in the fact that activity on the market of fast-moving goods becomes more and more difficult. Changes occurring in the sector of modern and traditional trade as well as disproportions accompanying these two models result in the fact that the key issue is implementation of more and more effective solutions, enabling the manufactures to reach the outlets with their offer as widely as possible. This situation results in the fact that more and more companies operating on the market of fast-moving goods have decided to use the option of co-shared network of sales representatives, ensuring effectiveness of sales activities and allowing for generation of additional savings.

The competitive fight, which becomes more and more severe, resulting in decrease of sale prices and margins both of the stores and the suppliers, forces cost reduction. It depends on the effectiveness and attractiveness of the offer of the companies whether they win this fight.

A cheaper sales network, which means reaching the customer by the salesperson in a less costly way, becomes also a response to the decreasing value of the order of a single store. This is particularly noticeable on the market of traditional trade since the stores operating on the basis of this sales model face on the everyday basis the expansion of the great commercial chains which are present with their outlets not only in bigger cities, which was the case still a couple of years ago, but practically in each Polish commune. Smaller sales potential of small local shops means proportionally higher costs of their service by the suppliers and simultaneously decrease of their profitability. Nevertheless, the strategy of combined chain is also a good solution for the service of the growing number of ‘modern stores’, at least those which consider the service of sales representatives or merchandisers as a standard.

The idea of the model of an external co-shared sales network is service of over a dozen of product lines of various clients by one sales representative. In this way, he or she spends more time in commercial centers, due to which he or she is more effective and the costs of his or her employment are distributed among a couple of companies.

The option of external co-shared network of sales representatives, offered by Cursor from Outsourcing Experts Group, is currently used – due to its effectiveness and low costs – mainly by FMCG and mobile telephone’s manufacturers.

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