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Operation of points of sale of mobile telephones

Emporia Telecom


A combined network of sales representatives is an alternative to traditional salesman and dedicated networks, which are usually offered by outsourcing companies. Contrary to those models, sales representatives in the combined network are not assigned to specific customers, but serve several non-competitive companies in each point of sale, including both modern and traditional commerce. For example, in the shopping centre, a supermarket sales representative handles automotive, food and cosmetic articles, then goes to the nearby shop with building materials on behalf of a producer of building articles, and finally visits GSM operator shops, where he/she takes care of a mobile telephone producer’s products.

Sales representatives are trained on products of particular brands in order to gain knowledge about products they sell, including telecommunications solutions. Thanks to coordination with actions taken by management staff and employees responsible, for example, for supplies, it is effectively possible to achieve clearly defined quantitative (volume of sale) and qualitative goals (numeric distribution, number of customers, exhibition quality, etc.).

To use the combined network of sales representatives, the customer does not need to develop its own network of sales representatives, although, in the optimum variant, the customer has regional managers who coordinate and monitor the work of sales representatives. This type of combined network is often used to supplement own sales forces, e.g. during the expansion of a company into new regions or the introduction of mobile telephones and equipment into new sales channels.

Business benefits

In the combined network of sales representatives, operating expenses are almost twice lower than in the case of an own network. Customers are charged on the basis of the number of points of sale we manage. The combined network of sales representatives allows distributing fixed network maintenance costs among several customers, which substantially extends the sales representative’s effective working time and reduces travel costs. At the same time, its flexibility and scalability is practically incomparable to other models because the combined network may cover the whole territory of Poland from one day to the next and, if necessary, may be closed equally fast.

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