Privacy policy

  1. The website is operated by Cursor S.A., ul. Równoległa 4a, 02-235 Warsaw.
  2. The website collects information about users and users’ behaviour:
    • by collecting information voluntarily given in the forms by Users;
    • by recording cookies in the User’s equipment.
  3. Cookies are IT data, in particular text files, which are stored in the Website User’s equipment in order to enable the use of pages of the Website. Cookies usually contain the name of a web page which they come from, a period for which they are stored in the User’s equipment and a unique number. An entity that locates cookies in the Website User’s equipment and has an access to them is the operator of the Website, i.e. Cursor S.A. with its registered office at ul. Równoległa 4a, 02-235 Warsaw.
  4. Cookies are used to:
    • adjust the content of Website pages to the User’s preferences and optimise the use of web pages; these files enable, in particular, identification of the Website User’s equipment and display of a web page adjusted to the User’s individual needs;
    • create statistics which help understand how Website Users use web pages, which makes it possible to improve the structure and content of web pages;
    • maintain the Website User’s session (after logging in), thanks to which the User does not need to enter his/her login and password on each page of the Website.
  5. The Website uses two basic types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files which are stored in the User’s equipment until the User logs out, leaves the web page or switches off his/her software (internet browser). Persistent cookies are stored in the User’s equipment for a period defined in the parameters of cookies or until they are deleted by the User.
  6. The Website uses the following types of cookies:
    • necessary cookies which enable Users to use services provided by the Website, e.g. certifying cookies used for services that must be certified within the Website;
    • cookies used for security reasons, e.g. to discover abuses related to Website certification;
    • capacity cookies which serve to collect information about the use of Website pages;
    • functional cookies which “remember” the User’s settings and personalise the User’s interface, e.g. in terms of a language or region which the User comes from, a font size, a web page layout, etc.;
    • advertising cookies which are responsible for providing the User with advertising information that is adjusted to the User’s interests to the best possible extent.
  7. In many cases, software used to browse web pages (internet browser) allows for cookies storage in the User’s equipment on a default basis. Website Users may change settings related to cookies anytime. In particular, the settings may be changed to block the automated operation of cookies in the internet browser settings or to inform the User every time a cookie is recorded in the User’s equipment. Detailed information about the operation and maintenance of cookies is available in the software (internet browser) settings. The Website Operator would like to inform the Users that limitations to the use of cookies may influence certain functions of Website pages.
  8. Cookies may also be recorded in the Website User’s equipment and used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Website operator.
  9. More information about cookies is available under “Help” in the internet browser menu.

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