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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Summary of the Year on the Sales Outsourcing Market

More and more companies are deciding to outsource sales process tasks. The success on the market is achieved by those who focus on investments in the infrastructure and technologies. Access to knowledge, resources and experience of the external partner is now becoming the main argument for outsourcing commercial and sales support activities.

The sales outsourcing market in Poland is systematically growing, although this does not apply to all services equally. Fewer customers are now interested in solutions related to direct (door-to-door) sales or classic promotions organized at sales outlets than a few years ago. An increasing number of enquires concern data acquisition and analytics, sales outlet audits and professional merchandising. The market of services related to sales consultant management as well as the design and production of marketing materials and gadgets is also growing.

In 2014 Cursor’s revenues and the number of serviced customers increased by more than 10%. Today the company is implementing projects in the area of sales as well as sales and marketing support for approximately 500 businesses. 

In 2014 an increasing number of companies decided to implement the multichannel customer approach strategy. Multi-channelling as well as mobile and e-marketing solutions are a must for any company which intends to compete effectively for the recipients of its products and services. However, implementing such solutions entails costs.

“Outsourcing enables optimisation of sales project development and efficient use of the opportunities available on the market. Depending on the type of the services, the customer’s financial savings can be as high as 30 – 40 percent. We receive more and more enquiries from the market, both from stationary companies and internet-based ones, concerning sales channel integration support” – says Artur Wojtaszek.

Outsourcing companies help the former enter the e-commerce market by creating sales platforms and providing resources for supporting and promoting them. In 2014 Cursor implemented such projects among others for the one of the biggest power companies, a bank and customers from the FMCG sector. Internet stores, on the other hand, gain through outsourcing the ability to use sales outlets and a field network of sales representatives. “In both cases we also help to integrate processes implemented for individual channels of approach to target groups, mainly in the sales, logistics, marketing and customer service area” – adds Artur Wojtaszek.

End-to-end service

Regardless of the type of sales channels used by companies active in Poland, the dominant trend throughout the last 12 months was the outsourcing of a growing number of sales and sales support processes.

In response to market demand throughout the last 12 months Cursor expanded its offer by adding marketing strategy and creation solutions as well as a comprehensive service for the pharmaceutical industry (Outsourcing4Pharma). The company also has opened the biggest storage of marketing materials in Poland.

Sales department optimization

The companies more and more frequently limit the number of internal sales teams by delegating the performance of individual commercial activities to an external partner. ”When working for our customers, we are not only responsible for generating appropriate results, but we also provide the entire infrastructure and organize all matters related to team management, including recruitment and trainings. Throughout the last year we hired 2500 people for projects implemented for our customers and increased our car fleet by 50%” – says Artur Wojtaszek.

Sales force outsourcing is most frequently used by the biggest FMCG companies and telecommunication operators.
Recently, the pharmaceutical and production sectors also show growing interest in this service.

Stable business partner

A proven external partner not only guarantees predictable service quality, but is also more flexible and ready for scalable project development.

The sales outsourcing market is fragmented, but its consolidation is proceeding steadily. Cursor, which plans further acquisitions in 2015, also participates in this process.

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