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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Polish outsourcing companies on the background of the global BPO and SSC

Native entities offering business services grow along with the global centers of BPO and SSC, increasing numbers present in Poland. In acquiring clients, including those from abroad, helping them not only knowledge of the specifics of the local market, but also more and more comprehensive range of solutions.

Poland within a few years became one of the three best locations for global business service centers. Every month we hear about new investments or expansion of existing ones. The considerations of international corporations seeking government, cities, developers and other beneficiaries. Using the still exceptional value of human capital to its cost industry has become the largest employer in the automotive industry in Poland.

The majority of newly established service centers is part of a global corporation and perform tasks on behalf of parent companies or their customers from all over the world. Getting better in this market, however, also deal with home equity entities, but often can not count on the support they receive at startup investments by foreign investors. According to the Polish ABSL largest outsourcing centers currently employ a total of about 50 000 employees, and this number each year is growing rapidly.

Prominent in this market trend is consolidation, through which customers have access to more comprehensive services. This allows the assignment of a single service provider even a dozen different business processes. On the Polish market of modern business services is already several large capital groups of native capital. One of the biggest is the OEX Group, which has over 50 locations throughout the country, and annually performs nearly 2 500 projects employing 10 000 employees.

Holding was formed after the merger Cursor, Galposter and Voice Contact Center belonging to the Fund Investments NEO group ArchiDoc. In time, the structures of OEX joined other companies, including Divante, is the leading e-commerce services.

Business services is one of the key areas of our investments. When in the 90’s from scratch built two projects in this area – Call Center Poland and Euro RSCG, after knowledge had to travel to the west. Now we use the then experience developing OEX Group, which in 3 years has become one of the strongest players in the industry – says Jerzy Motz, Managing Partner NEO Fund Investments and Chairman of the Board of the Group OEX.

Native outsourcing companies are still largely focused on serving customers who decide on the strategy of doing business in Poland take. As its competitive advantage use a better knowledge of the local market, the needs of customers and greater flexibility of multinational corporations. However, there are companies that are getting bolder look not only for Europe, but other parts of the world.

Our ambition is to build a brand that will be recognized as among the customers from abroad. So far, we have already completed several projects to contractors from outside the Polish. For international companies from Europe and other parts of the world, we provide services include in the field of logistics, e-commerce and rebranding. Provide them with promotional materials – says Konrad Rochalski, CEO of Group OEX.

Polish outsourcing centers attract not only foreign clients a comprehensive range of and qualified staff, but also the high quality of service. Industry willing to implement innovative solutions and technologies, offering customers support more advanced processes.

The winning contractors from other countries also helps strong position operating in Poland foreign shared service centers that build a positive image of the sector. Matter of time before the trend spread to entrust the handling of business processes by Western European and American entrepreneurs Polish companies. They count on domestic entrepreneurs who consistently build business outsourcing modeled on global corporations.

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