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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Outsourcing4Pharma – optimisation of marketing materials logistics

Cursor (OEX Group), offering marketing and sales support services and Ad Land Medical Group, delivering solutions dedicated for medical sector, launch an innovative marketing materials logistics offer into market. Outsourcing4Pharma is a solution adapted to a specific nature of pharmaceutical companies operations, allowing costs of marketing products management to be reduced and the efficiency of products managers and sales representatives to be increased.

The offer of Cursor and Ad Land Medical Group consortium enables various marketing activities to be joined in one functional service. As a part of the Outsourcing4Pharma services a pharmaceutical company can entrust a third-party partner such processes as: warehousing and distribution of promotional materials to sales structures (incl. POSM, display materials, leaflets, catalogues, samples and products), comprehensive servicing of conferences, fairs and events, maintenance of display materials, handling loyalty schemes and co-packing and support of e-marketing activities.

Cursor and Ad Land Medical Group services are provided based on ergonomic and simple IT system accessible from internet browser, with no installation requirement. The solution enables users to independently manage the sales support materials, plan marketing events and access reports also from their smart phones and tablets. System is being customised for individual companies or their specific departments and allows for reflecting any validation paths as a part of the processes being executed. The application provides an on-going access to warehouse stock data (virtual warehouses) and outlook of products views to territorially dispersed sales representatives. It also provides a product order functionality including selection of a delivery place, automatic generation of shipment’s overall dimensions and weight info. Reporting system provides detailed data on individual products (i.e. their popularity and turnover) and activities of sales representatives. Efficient management of equipment returns is ensured by service-lock and renovation of materials.

Outsourcing4Pharma service is based on our many years experience in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies. Our deep knowledge of the sector allowed us to develop a solution that meets real needs of these entities. In such large and dispersed structures with large number and variety of marketing activities carried out, optimisation of marketing materials management helps raising the efficiency of the whole organisation – said Wojciech Wojtaszek, company director, Ad Land Medical Group.
The service enables fixed costs to be replaced with flexible costs, adapting the level of warehousing, pick and pack, installation and distribution of materials expenditures to actual scale of operations. Precise monitoring system of efficiency of using individual promotional materials provides data for adjusting their purchase volume to a real demand level. Additionally, the advantage of accumulated operations volumes of Cursor and Ad Land Medical Group ensures access to significantly lower prices of operational activities, e.g. courier shipments.

Outsourcing4Pharma enables the optimisation of promotional activities, by not only reducing the costs of their handling but also by adjusting the scale and nature of activities to actual needs of a pharmaceutical company. It influences both, facilitating the product manager’s works and increasing the efficiency of sales representatives as well as efficiency of sales support processes – says Grzegorz Wroniszewski, group account director Cursor SA.

Cursor and Ad Land Medical Group have a developed logistic infrastructure, allowing for efficient marketing processes handling even in case of most widely dispersed structures. The consortium has six class A distribution centres of total area of 25 000m2: four in Warsaw (Łubna), one in 3City (Gdańsk), one in Silesia (Czeladź) meeting the ISO 9001:2008, GHP, GDP, GMP, HACCP standards. There are more than twenty locations strategically located across the country dedicated for short-time local storage. Moreover the distribution price includes 7-day storage of packages in more than fifty regional cross-docks. Medical representatives can pick the shipments up in the place they selected, in convenient time. Operational resources of Cursor and Ad Land Medical Group consortium include also a few dozen mobile installation teams qualified for electrical works and more than 1800 merchandisers.
The customers of the company are among others the following concerns GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Merck, Sandoz, AstraZeneca, USP and Polfarmex.

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