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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

OEX Group wins a contract for comprehensive processing of bankujesz-zyskujesz programme of ING Bank Śląski

Companies which belong to EOX Group won a contract to develop an online platform and to manage a loyalty programme of ING Bank Śląski. The service includes all activities related to the current functioning of the website and its further development.


Bankujesz-zyskujesz [Bank and Benefit] is a new edition of the loyalty programme from 2008 for customers of ING Bank Śląski, the previous version of which was called bankujesz-kupujesz [Bank and Shop]. After a few years, the bank decided to refresh the formula of the programme by adjusting it to the needs and expectations of users.


Divante company from OEX Group started its works on the bankujesz-zyskujesz project from detailed analysis of the previous edition of the programme. The purpose of the analysis was to determine elements which were to become the basis of the new version of the loyalty programme. This stage of the project included singling out the strengths of the programme as well as its weaknesses which were eliminated from the refreshed formula of the programme. An interactive division of Divante, the Ideacto agency was responsible for the concept of the new version of the website and functional and graphic project of the front end. The agency is also responsible for the marketing service of the platform. Divante is responsible for the implementation of the project. This also includes the hosting of the platform.


More than three months of combined efforts from Divante and Ideacto resulted in a modern platform characterised by user-friendly and fresh design. The entire website was established on a stable IT solution based on Magento platform, said Nikodem Krajewski, Head of Strategy at Divante Group.


The current operational service of bankujesz-zyskujesz programme is the responsibility of the Non-Core Logistics Department of OEX Group which selected products offered by the platform and created their descriptions and photos. It was also responsible for the integration of payments and logistics along with warehousing and sending of goods ordered by customers. Every month, OEX Group facilitates the mailing of a few thousand of packages which reach users of the bankujesz-zyskujesz loyalty programme. The company also provides office services for the management of the programme and a hotline for customers. The activities of the OEX Group were actively supported on an ongoing basis by ING Bank Śląski team responsible for the bankujesz-zyskujesz programme. Currently, the companies are working on the maintenance and development of the platform.

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