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Monday, August 6, 2012

OEX Group merges with Multitex

Cursor SA expanded its activity by including in its structure selected resources and competences of Multitex, related to complex production of gifts and BTL advertising products. The transaction is expected to bring an increase of Cursor’s revenues by as much as PLN 25 million within the next 2 years.


Cursor specialises in the design and execution of complex sales and promotion processes and logistics of marketing materials. Including Multitex competencies into Cursor structures is another step in our consistently implemented development strategy of the Outsourcing Experts Group. Cursor company portfolio was extended by a subsequent range of services. The OEX Group company will be able to implement projects – starting from visual identification, consulting, packaging and graphics through to import, warehousing and products delivery to the client.


“We hope that as a result of the transaction, the position of OEX Group will be significantly strengthened on the Polish market of marketing process outsourcing. The new services are already very popular among the clients, which enables us to think that our expectations are absolutely realistic. The key to success is in the experience and competences which we were able to acquire, thanks to which the quality of the executed processes is significantly beyond the market standard”, said Artur Wojtaszek, President of the Management Board of Cursor, OEX Group.


The transaction – which assumes incorporating selected resources and competencies of Multitex into Cursor structure – was preceded by more than year-long intensive works on integrating relevant operational processes of both companies. Additionally, a new business strategy was developed which uses unique properties of processes executed previously at Multitex on one hand and the scale of OEX Group activity on the other.


The first project – implemented by the company from Outsourcing Experts Group after consolidation – was the manufacture of a limited collection of flash drives branded with UEFA EURO 2012 logo. The USB sticks are a series of unique football souvenirs. One of the options includes colour miniature stadiums with a silver key ring. There are also fancy flash drives available on the market. They are made of metal with a handy tag available in various colours – classic black, clear red and white. Each of the flash drives has a unique graphic pattern with the logo of EURO 2012.


As a licenced distributor of souvenirs for the football championships, Cursor had more than 30,000 USB sticks available for sale. They are available at Real, Tesco, Carrefour, Saturn and online MediaMarkt stores and at the time of the championships – at selected point of sales in the football fan zone. The price of Euro 2012-branded flash drives is decided upon by the retailers responsible for their sale.

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