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Friday, April 19, 2019

OEX Cursor helps – welcoming of the Spring with the children of the Orphan House in Pęchery

On the first day of Spring, a delegation of OEX Cursor arrived at Orphanage in Pęchery. For a couple of weeks our volunteers collected everyday items and presents for the children living in the orphanage. Finally, a delegation from our company has been sent to give the presents to the management of the Orphanage.
An additional event – a campfire was organized by our volunteers. This was an occasion to cook some sausages over an open fire. The children of the orphanage prepared a meal for everyone and finally – they held a competition for making the most beautiful straw effigy representing winter (Marzanna).  


Over the course of several weeks we managed to collect

• 2 cardboard boxes of crayons
• notebooks
• 9 cans of milk for new born children
• 2 sets of bed linen
• 2 sets of toys for toddlers
• 918 diapers
• 20 packs of moist wipes
• Sets of sportwear
• 40 units of Domestos (cleaning agent)
• 32 packs of Cif (cleaning agent)
• 30 packs of DOVE soap
• 16 units of shower gel
• 20 units of toilet bowl blocks
• 20 boxes of tea
• 60 packs of spice (ground pepper, pepper seeds, sweet paprika)
• A supply of noodles
• A supply of jars of sauce
• A set of jigsaw puzzles

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