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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Exemplary Driver at OEX Cursor

Exemplary Driver at OEX Cursor

During the third quarter of 2018 we have launched the project “Exemplary Driver at OEX Cursor” which allows to provide systemic incentive for drivers that have a clean insurance claim history and who have not been subject to traffic law penalties. The reward includes an all-day practical training in the field of safe driving, which covers emergency breaking, riding alongside obstacles, driving over a series of turns, skid training. Apart from that, the drivers can safely experience a collision and a rollover. The trainings are held at one of the most modern and fully automated, driving training centres in Poland – ŠKODA Autodrom in Poznań.

The fleet of OEX Cursor has been growing systematically. This makes us more concerned about the social and economic cost of traffic accidents and damage that results from them. Apart from the cost of insurance, loss of mobility, loss of means of work, these occurrences may pose a threat to health and life. We especially would like to avoid the latter and minimise the rest. Because of this, the company has undertaken to manage the above risk and to introduce the Policy of Management for Safety of the Car Fleet. While we expect our drivers to adhere to the traffic law, we as an organisation shall be required to go a step further. This shall include:

  • Communication of health and safety rules,
  • Taking into consideration of the safety features of a car as one of the criteria for vehicles to be used in the car fleet,
  • Equipping the cars with safety features that shall match the work conditions the car is used for,
  • Ensuring that all vehicles are used in line with the legal norms, including the maximum load,
  • Supervision of maintenance and making sure they adhere to the applicable law and the recommendations of the manufacturer,
  • Using technologies that minimise risk of distracting the driver while driving with cellular phones and navigation systems,
  • Monitoring and analysis of unfortunate events and accidents so that mitigative actions and repairs can be undertaken. 


samochod na torze bezpiecznej jazdy na kokrej nawierzchni skoda oex cursor

The project “Exemplary Driver of OEX Cursor” is an answer to fleet safety management. We plan to expand it in 2019. The training courses shall be granted to at least 30 employees. A negative stereotype of a company car driver has been popular for years. It is often the case that drivers of company cars do not adhere to traffic law. However, not all company car drivers behave this way. It is estimated that there are 6,5 m company cars driving on the Polish roads. This means that this type of cars constitutes 20% of all road traffic.  The group features individuals that are careful drivers and who care about their own and others’ safety while on the road. We believe that such drivers should be rewarded and that we should use them as an example. This is where the idea for “Exemplary Driver of OEX Cursor” came from. We would like to raise the awareness and reinforce good habits. Additionally, through safe driving training we would like to improve the ability of our drivers to overcome and prevent events that could lead to road accidents, as well as to keep the vehicle in control in extreme conditions.

We asked Mateusz Synówka – the Regional Head of Sales – a participant of the first edition of the project to provide us with some insight on safe driving and the training he has participated in. He convinced us that it was worth the effort!


Are you an exemplary driver? Why? What effort do you take to keep this status?

“I have never given much thought to this issue. I probably do make some errors while driving, but I try to act responsibly while driving. I like to make sure that the vehicle is prepared for the drive – starting with the set-up of the seat and the mirrors, but also including the tidiness of the interior. The clean surrounding allows you to focus on the driving.

Apart from that, I adapt to the road conditions. This means I have to be concentrated on the road. It may seem unlikely for a driver that has suffered no insurance claims, but I try to drive dynamically. This is perhaps caused by the specificity of the role I have at work. Nevertheless, dynamically does not mean that I do not drive safely. Another thing that might have affected my claim-free driving is the fact that I do not entirely trust the skills of other drivers.”


What did you like the most about the training?

“Every minute of the 8-hour training was devoted to maintaining the riding line of the car. That was awesome. If you ask me which particular point of the training I liked the most, then I have to say that I was excited about the understeer simulator – which is a machine that causes the back of the vehicle to move with varied velocity and in various directions. This allowed me to learn how handle skids.”


Which part of the training was new for you?

“In fact, every activity was new for me and constituted an extreme experience. This is because the simulated situations were extreme and dangerous when looked at from the perspective of a daily drive. I was able to experience emergency braking at the speed of 100 km/h on a slippery surface, which is intimidating.”


Did the training make you feel differently about what can happen on the road?

“Being aware of how a car behaves while braking on ice, or what it takes to avoid obstacles on a wet surface makes you think about road safety. I also learned that it does not matter what car you drive. Even the vehicles with the most advanced technologies cannot defy physics – in particular cannot overcome the speed. A few more kilometres on the speedometer results in inability to avoid obstacles. While on the road, this means that you are not going to be able to avoid a collision on the road.”


Why should you stay safe on the road?

“That’s simple: human life depends on it. It is the responsibility of every driver and traffic participants. In a fraction of a second one can lose his life or severely impact the rest of it. A damaged car can be repaired in a matter of days by a mechanic. It is unfortunately not the case with one’s health…”




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