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Thursday, June 23, 2016

!eatme – a new brand on the empirical sampling market

Cursor S.A., as part of its structures, develops a new brand – !eatme, specialising in planning and implementing non-standard sampling campaigns. This is the first offer in the Polish market which combines competences from the field of communication and implementation of projects based on direct consumer targeting.

Eat Me logo!eatme specialises in empirical sampling and experience marketing. These are the activities building an image of brands, which in a non-standard manner, enables a consumer to contact directly with a product – through testing, touching, experiencing. Thanks to joining Cursor with a terrain team, which is one of the largest in Poland, we  can offer comprehensive services to customers, which connect a concept and strategy of a project with implementation.

Eat Me Cursor

Unlike most agencies acting in this area, we handle everything right from the beginning to the end, which is highly convenient to our Customers. Working as one organism with the countrywide terrain structure of Cursor, we are able to implement every campaign, even in the farthest part of Poland, sometimes acting on the next day – says Małgorzata Begier, !eatme brand manager.

This new brand is constituted by a team previously related to Havas Engage Warsaw Agency, with several years of experience in handling complex activating projects for most popular domestic and international brands, such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Kimberly-Clark, Storck, Kurka Wolna and many others. The other pillar of the project is Cursor, which specialises in supporting sales and marketing, providing services from the field of shopper marketing, event marketing and organising consumer programmes. The combination of competences and resources of both brands resulted in the creation of a structure, which is characteristic not only for a comprehensive offer but also flexibility and rapid response.

!eatme perfectly complements the offer of Cursor. We have considered the extension of our competences with a concept and strategy field. Now, we are able to support our Customers at each stage of marketing and selling activities – said Artur Wojtaszek, the President of Cursor Management Board.

Customers often separate their budget into communication and project implementation. The full success of activities reinforcing the brand in the awareness of the target group is possible only when experts in strategies are in close cooperation with the implementation team at the stage of creating a concept, consulting ideas and discussing chances and risks resulting from their implementation in the terrain – adds Małgorzata Begier.

!eatme offers a comprehensive range of activities in the field of sampling and marketing, such as testing cosmetics, equipment and technology (!tryme), tasting food (!tasteme), unconventional ideas supporting sales (!buyme), designing creative materials (!readme), non-standard vehicles, displays, vending machines (!rideme) or visiting consumers in mass “door2door” campaigns (!inviteme).

So far, !eatme team has implemented sampling campaigns, for instance, for such brands as Łowicz and Przysnacki. Currently, we are working over starting up the projects for more customers.

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