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Monday, April 22, 2013

Cursor will help Hoven in the sales of solar collectors

Cursor became the strategic partner for Hoven. The comprehensive service of commercial activities will be executed under a “success fee” model, i.e. one in which we are paid solely for effects. The estimated value of the contract is PLN 10 million annually.

Under the agreement, Cursor will be responsible for increasing the sales of solar collectors offered by Hoven. The OEX Group company will develop a client-dedicated network of 60 sales representatives which will double the current sales structure of the solar solutions supplier. Cursor employees engaged nationwide will acquire new customers of solar collectors, provide consulting to facilitate the choice of appropriate products and help in the provision of financial assistance from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

All the activities conducted within the client-dedicated network of sales representatives will be reported via mobile devices in the CRM class system specifically designed for agreement purposes. Due to changing regulations and expansion of Hoven range of products, Cursor established a team of 20 experts who will train technical and sales advisors and provide assistance in complex formal and legal cases. The company from OEX Group will also be responsible for the organisation of educational mini-events and acquisition of sales leads from dedicated online websites.

The renewable energy market has a great potential. In 2013, we plan to sell a few thousand solar collectors on behalf of Hoven. Our goal is to acquire customers for 10,000 devices a year. This will be possible thanks to concurrent use of a number of sales channels. In addition to a dedicated network of sales representatives, these will include a call centre and e-commerce offered within OEX Group, said Artur Wojaszek, President of Cursor.


In order to increase the effectiveness of the sales process, Cursor actively uses resources and experience of other companies included in Outsourcing Experts group. For example, to optimise the process of sales and customer service, call centre positions of Hoven and OEX Group will be integrated. As a result, a team of several dozens of consultants will be developed to ensure telephone contact with current and potential buyers of the collectors. Additionally, Divante company from Outsourcing Experts will be responsible for e-marketing activities for Hoven: website search engine optimisation, management of sponsored links campaigns and increase of conversion, i.e. the number of buyers among the website users.

“The sales of solar collectors is a specific service that requires advanced skills, but pilot projects completed by Cursor were very promising. I have no doubt that broad marketing and sales support of Outsourcing Experts Group will help to promote the use of solar energy, and our company will quickly strengthen its position on the market,” said Michał Burkiewicz, President of Hoven.

Collectors offered by Hoven are devices which produce heat energy using sun rays. Their application allows for reduction of bills for electricity and gas by an average of 70% annually. Starting form 2010, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has been offering a subsidy of up to 45% of costs of purchase and installation of the collectors. Only a half of the total of PLN 450 million funds allocated for this purpose was spent. Solar energy is the most popular in Śląskie and Małopolskie Provinces (so far, around 6,000 solar collectors were installed there as part of the NFEP&WM programme). The fewest number of collectors were sold in Warmińsko-Mazurskie and Zachodniopomorskie Provinces (around 800) and Lubuskie Province (less than 500).

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