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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cursor sums up the year 2013 on the marketing outsourcing and sales support market

Cursor sums up the year 2013 on the marketing outsourcing and sales support market

Marketing and sales outsourcing in Poland is estimated at approximately 1.6 billion PLN. Ipsos survey carried out to OEX Group’s order confirmed that more than 40 per cent of surveyed companies use third-party partners for marketing and sales support processes. It is even ¼ more than in 2010.

Within 12 months of previous year a lot higher than expected number of new contracts appeared in the marketing and sales support services market. Dynamic development of the sector is mostly based on growing awareness of customers as regards business optimisation through outsourcing solutions. Today, more and more entrepreneurs give up maintaining own infrastructure and personnel in the areas which could be outsourced. Thus, the most important question is not “use the outsourcing or not” but “how to use it to maximise advantages”.

Professionalization of services

Companies entrust outsourcers not only the organisation of promotions and events, marketing materials logistic services or products merchandising in retail. The apparent trend is employing external or common sales representatives’ network responsible for gaining customers for its principal. The cooperation between Cursor and Hoven companies can be one of the examples. Cursor’s employees operating across Poland are responsible for sales of solar panels, consulting for selection of adequate products as well as assistance in obtaining co-financing for the purchase from the National Fund for Environment Protection and Water Management.

More and more often the third-party personnel must have advanced knowledge on offered products. The same applies to traditional trade marketing activities. Today we can quite often meet consultants in retail stores who help with selecting a suitable product and who are able to answer even the most difficult technical questions.

Growing number of small and medium companies and e-commerce

Marketing and sales support outsourcing is most often used by advertisement and publishing sector (75 per cent), telecommunication companies (57 per cent) and FMCG sector (50 per cent). The latest market trend is a growing number of inquiries from smaller entities. The highest number of inquiries is noted by Cursor from companies operating in e-commerce sector. In 2013 the company was granted a dozen contracts from that sector. The needs of entrepreneurs operating in on-line sales channel are related to both sales increase and operational handling of customer orders. Outsourcing is also more and more often used by companies just entering e-commerce market, which is the way to avoid investment in warehousing space, IT system or employing additional personnel.

Another year of growths

Year 2014 should be easier for market in macroeconomic terms, country economic forecasts look promising. Marketing and sales services outsourcing will take advantage of upward trends. Bigger and bigger market share will be taken over by companies with resources that allow any size contracts to be completed and which will be able to adapt flexibly to the development of their customers’ businesses.

Artur Wojtaszek, President of Board, Cursor, OEX Group

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