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Monday, March 20, 2017

Cursor started the implementation of the contract on the inspecting the tickets in Warsaw buses and underground for ZTM.

Within the contract Cursor is responsible for recruitment, training and management of the team of at least 30 ticket inspectors. The condition of employment is passing an exam, run by ZTM, on the knowledge of regulations and tariffs. Especially for the needs of the project Cursor developed work procedures and manuals in accordance with ISO system, whose certification the company has had since 2004. They shall support the proper implementation of the contract and ensure proper quality and transparency of the processes.

Cursor received the biggest number of points in the tender procedure, out of bids that were finally taken into account. The most important criterion was first of all, provision of employees outsourcing service with the minimum value of PLN 5 million for at least three entities and experience in customer care proved by letters of references.

A significant element of success of the project is finding people with relevant qualifications and personal profile. We have extensive experience in this field as we have done thousands of recruitments of employees for the needs of our field projects. – said Artur Wojtaszek, President of Cursor SA

The profile of a candidate was developed in cooperation with a psychologist. Recruited candidates had to prove at least secondary education, motivation for work and basic knowledge of the English or Russian language. During recruitment we examined their general presentation and behaviour, abilities to use procedures and guidelines and communication skills.

People who apply for work often have a wrong image of the ticket inspector’s work. The candidate must be resistant to pressure and manipulation, assertive. Their conduct must tone down the emotions of people being inspected rather than raise the tension level. The recruitment was a real challenge for the HR department of the company and the project manager. First ticket inspectors started their work in the second half of January. – said Piotr Haman, Deputy President of Cursor S.A.

Cursor has been implementing processes related with recruitment and managing large teams of field employees for 15 years. The group of company’s clients includes corporations such as Coca Cola, Unilever or Shell. The company specialises, among others, in inspections of the points of sale and sales networks. Ticket control process is not significantly different from the audit process in terms of used technology, mobile systems and devices as well as the manner of work planning, personnel management procedures as well as coaching and control.

Together with ZTM, we want not only to conduct reliable inspections but also ensure customer service quality. We want to use the standards of work that we ensure in the projects in a private sector in a project with a public institution. As this is our first project of this type, we double care to perform it properly. – said Artur Wojtaszek, president of Cursor SA

Technology and management system are significant element of the project and they ensure proper effectiveness, safety and transparency of the process.

The employees shall be equipped with inspection readers and terminals to issue calls for payment that are provided by ZTM. Cursor shall ensure a smartphone to each employee which may be used in the future to inspection via an applications supporting ticket control.

The contract with ZTM was concluded for the period of 2 years.



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