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Monday, June 24, 2013

Cursor responsible for managing Bell cosmetics displays

Cursor signed a contract to provide services for oversize POS materials with Bell cosmetics company. The service includes storage and delivery of make-up products displays to several hundred stores in Poland.


The cooperation of Cursor with Bell includes comprehensive management of oversize product display elements. The outsourcer is responsible for transporting materials from manufacturers, storage, assembly and distribution to the points of sale. Cursor is also responsible for installation and maintenance of devices. The company from OEX Group also provides material reuse services, i.e. adapting materials for reuse. The latter solution enables to reduce POSM costs even by 30% because of significant value of the displays.


Outsourcing of goods display materials enables not only to limit the costs of logistics but also to shift responsibility for safe storage and delivery of the equipment onto the service provider. Because of large sizes and frequent necessity to assemble and disassemble the elements, providing services for this process requires appropriate infrastructure and experience. This is exactly what we offer to our clients,” said Grzegorz Wroniszewski, Group Account Director at Cursor.


Effective performance of the service is possible thanks to the use of well-developed field structure of the company from OEX Group. Display stands ordered by the client reach the designated POS within 5 days at the latest. As part of the agreement, Cursor delivers materials to several hundreds of stores using its own fleet.


Thanks to establishing cooperation with Cursor, we can promptly execute our marketing activities in hundreds of POS across Poland while significantly reducing the cost of logistics, said Sławomir Lutek, Managing Director of Bell.


This is another contract of Cursor for providing logistic services of oversize marketing materials in the cosmetic industry. The company cooperates with Coty and is in the process of starting a project for one of the largest players in the sector. This service is also used by the largest companies from the FMCG industry.


Outsourcing of sales support materials logistics was distinguished by the FMCG Market Pearls FMCG 2013 awards. The service was awarded a silver statue of the Best Software Supplier and a brown statuette for the Innovation of the Year.


According to an Ipsos survey commissioned by Outsourcing Experts, companies use POSM mainly to ensure better goods display (35% of respondents) and to stand out among competitors (23%). One fifth of the respondents claimed these type of materials have a positive impact on the brand’s image and increase product sales.

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