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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cursor organizes “Holiday Lottery with Warka Radler”

Cursor organizes an audiotex lottery under the name of “Holiday Lottery with Warka Radler”, held in PoloMarket chain of grocery stores. The company is responsible for developing and implementing the promotional campaign.

As part of the project, Cursor ensures system solutions and comprehensive technological infrastructure, indispensable to carry out the lottery. For the purpose of the promotion, Cursor established a dedicated website: In addition, the company’s task is to purchase the prizes for the winners from 295 stores within PoloMarket network. All formal and legal issues as well as full scope of financial and accounting services of the event are also covered by Cursor.

The sale of goods concerned is planned for 22 July to 18 August 2015 in PoloMarket stores all over Poland. The final prize is a holiday voucher for PLN 15,000.00 gross, to be used for any destination. The participants will have a chance to win gift cards valid in all PoloMarket stores.

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