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Friday, December 20, 2013

Cursor is the technical partner of the “E-commerce professional” programme

Cursor became partner of a programme unique on the European scale for examining people who would like to work in e-commerce in the future.

“Profesjonalista w eHandlu” was developed to support the Polish e-commerce market and stimulate its growth by the inflow of new employees. The project attracted more than thirty companies which include market leaders of the online sales channel.

The programme concentrates on practical and market knowledge – it is aimed at helping to make decisions in problematic situations or ones related to dynamic growth. The certification includes a stationary exam and reflects a typical career path in companies that have an online sales channel.

With its long-standing experience in online store logistics, Cursor takes part in developing exam questions and co-creates educational materials to reflect the current knowledge and trends within e-commerce logistics.

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