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Monday, November 30, 2015

Cursor becomes a Santa Courier participant

For the second time, Cursor joined the Santa Courier campaign (Qurier Świętego Mikołaja) held by Przyjaciółka Foundation. Under the initiative, company employees prepare Christmas gifts for children from various locations in Poland.

Cursor Santa Courier

Cursor Santa Courier

The campaign is aimed at fulfilling the dreams of children attending day care facilities. Every day, such children struggle with poverty, alcohol abuse and unemployment of their parents, lack of acceptance at school and significant educational backlog. It is often only in day care facilities that the children can have a warm meal, do their homework, can play safe and feel the joy of their childhood. Educators provide the children with warmth, time and are proud of their every success.

In 2015, Cursor supports the “Arka” Youth Centre Association community club in Radom.

In 2014, Cursor supported the Santa Courier campaign for the first time. The company also joined the Noble Box Project (Szlachetna Paczka), arranged by the Fundacja Wiosna foundation.


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