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Friday, June 14, 2013

Cursor awarded with FMCG Market Pearls for POSM logistics

Cursor garnered awards in two categories of the FMCG Market Pearls 2013. The service of logistics of store goods display materials was awarded a silver statue of the Best Software Supplier and a bronze statue for Innovation of the Year.

It was the seventh edition of FMCG Market Pearls competition organised by the editorial team of Wiadomości Handlowe. This year’s edition had a record-breaking number of applicants: 380 in 64 categories. The aim of the competition is to promote the best innovative products and services dedicated to the commerce industry.

The prize-winning service of Cursor includes comprehensive management of oversize product display elements: closets, racks, displays or fridges. For its clients, the company offers:

  • logistics – transporting materials from manufacturers, storage, assembly, distribution to the POS,
  • installation and maintenance,
  • revitalisation,
  • field inventory,
  • utilisation,
  • maintenance of materials database, reporting, document distribution.

Cursor is one of the few companies on the market which specialises in renovating sales support materials, i.e. adapting them for reuse. This enables to reduce costs of using POSM by an average of 30%.

The service is executed via an expanded Cursor field network and a dedicated IT app, which can be integrated with the customer’s system.

The solution offers clients an opportunity to optimise management of products for goods display, including a reduction of the costs of the process and improvement of marketing campaign execution.

Cursor provides its sales supporting materials logistics service to Coty, among others.

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