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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cursor and CQN introduce a new way to increase sales

Cursor in collaboration with ClickQuickNow (CQN) offers customers end-to-end sales service, from obtaining consumers to signing contracts. The service is implemented in the success fee model.

Newly introduced offer is already in service for one of the largest mobile, fixed-line and Internet operators in Poland as well as a financial institution, leading in banking sector. In the model, credit cards and the Internet access are sold to end users. Currently in the running are projects for next clients.

On behalf of the consortium, Cursor is responsible for contact with potential customers who complete website forms at (within a few minutes since registration) and for sales of chosen offer. Then, through an extensive network of field workers the OEX Group company provides contracts and/or products directly to consumers.

ClickQuickNow prepares target marketing communication campaigns and manages a dedicated website for those interested in obtaining details about the offer. CQN uses geotargeting in e-mail, SMS, Internet and television campaigns, too.

“Cursor and CQN together offer a service which allows customer acquisition without incurring fixed costs. At the same time, Clients do not need to coordinate subseqent stages of the sales process. The solution is very effective against a frequently encountered problem of low quality profiled databases available on the market. CQN was the first company in Poland offering Marketing Leads acquired live and on request. The potential of the Outsourcing Experts Group allows merging these services with processes such as contract management and archiving “- said Arthur Wojtaszek, president of Cursor and vice-president of Outsourcing Experts.

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