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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Charity event – donation of books for Children’s Day

Together, in OEX Cursor we attempted to make children under care of ISKIERKA Foundation smile. For two weeks our staffmembers were able to donate books meant for children. The collected items have been forwarded to the Foundation, which on the 5th of June held a major charity picnic in an open air museum in Chorzów. The event’s title was  “Iskierka reaches the Outer Space”.
Former and current charges in care of the Foundation, the families, friends, voluntary workers and medical personnel – all participated in the event. The Outer Space was the leitmotiv of the picnic. A mini-library awaited any participant. There – one could pick a book for himself. Additionally, “Legion 501” and “Imperium Mocy” (featuring forces from the movie series “Star Wars”) have set up camp at the event. The children witnessed lightsabre clashes of the Imperium’s representatives, additionally a laser shooting range and a planetarium were made available. The participants of the picnic could also play in an inflatable castle, a slide and merry-go-rounds. They could also take part in the cosmic adventure with the company of the animators. As a part of the project, we managed to donate 75 books, to make many children happier.
Please follow the link to read more about the attractions in which the children could participate during the event [in Polish]: read more…

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