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Friday, May 10, 2013

A new service on the e-commerce market

The OEX Group is introducing an integrated e-sales process service on the market. The service is dedicated to the manufacturers and importers who seek innovative distribution channels for retail operations without incurring investment costs.


The service enables an external company to take over the entire e-business operation – starting from creating an online store design and delivery of the technology necessary to run it through to marketing, warehousing and sending goods to customers and after-sales service. This was possible thanks to the combination of competences and resources from leading players in technology solutions for the e-commerce industry (Divante), sales and logistics support (Cursor) and telephone customer service (Voice Contact Centre).


Thanks to the use of the outsourcing model in the e-sales service, a new dedicated distribution channel can be launched within three months. During this period, the OEX Group will build an e-commerce platform, create descriptions and images adjusted to online sales, design marketing campaigns, provide appropriate infrastructure scale for storing and sending the goods sold and prepare all the procedures for online customer service. A single provider to integrate operations related to e-sales, logistics and back-office processes makes it also much easier to control the entire distribution channel.


The innovation of our solution lies in fast launch of the new source of revenue without incurring investment costs. We settle with our clients based on a commission on sales generated online. The companies we cooperate with do not have to build their competences in e-commerce. After the service is launched, one person is enough to control the new distribution channel for 3–4 hours a day, said Tomasz Karwatka, President of the Management Board of Divante, OEX Group.

Outsourcing of an e-commerce channel service is a cost-effective solution. It enables to concentrate on traditional forms of sale and at the same time enter a new distribution area without additional investment costs. Contrary to e-sales service within a company’s own organisational structure, the external model makes it possible to replace fixed costs with variable costs: the staff, warehouse storage area and under-utilisation costs will no longer burden the company’s profit and loss account, added Tomasz Karwatka.


The success fee model enables systematic growth, testing of new sales channels and marketing strategies without risk. Outsourcing increases flexibility and scalability of the business operations. Companies which decided to use the solution offered by OEX Group only pay for the activities that were performed.


The e-commerce end-to-end solution is best for companies which have no competences in the area of online sales, and no own infrastructure for sending products to individual customers or have no experience in after-sales services. A different set of skills is necessary to send a pallet with one type of goods and a different set of skills is required for completing single packages made of many different products, stated Grzegorz Wroniszewski, Group Account Director at Cursor SA, OEX Group.


A number of clients are already using the complex e-commerce channel service, including the FMCG and energy sectors. This solution is aimed at online shops of every size. For companies interested in the service, a dedicated website was developed, which includes case studies from completed projects.


Divante and Cursor will present optimisation of sales costs at Omnichannel Retailing Forum 2015

Today, innovative companies are no longer contemplating whether to dive into multichannel sales, but rather think of how to do it successfully.

Opening an online shop does not guarantee success. The key to success is to reach the customer effectively. Experts from Divante and Cursor from Tell Group which specialises in sales outsourcing will present examples of such solutions.


We help clients both with launching sales in new channels as well as their integration. Omnichannel is a way to optimise business, improve customer service and increase consumer satisfaction. When implementing this strategy, it is worth to use proven solutions which enable to maximise profits for the company and its end customers. Omnichannel Retailing Forum 2015 is a chance to show it in practice, said Artur Wojtaszek, President of the Management Board of Cursor SA.


Towards omnichannel

Companies that offer products or services in the online sales channel are increasingly seeking complex solutions to improve business functioning. Putting up an online store is merely the first step of the way.


However, to be successful, a well-organised logistics and sales support are necessary. Divante and Cursor offer services under an end2end model which includes not only creating a new sales channel but also complete operational and marketing service. Online entrepreneurs can use the services of e-commerce website building and optimising, warehousing, completing and sending goods to the end customer. Cursor also offers recording of sales for tax purposes, hotline management or organisation of a loyalty programme for online store customers.


Outsourcing enables not only to optimise costs, but also guarantees access to infrastructure which ensures the right quality of process execution. Our technological solutions enable automation of specific activities while eliminating errors, e.g. during picking of packages, said Grzegorz Wroniszewski Director of E-logistics Department at Cursor SA.


Currently, the most prominent brands from the FMCG, financial and energy sectors use complex online store services offered by Divante and Cursor.


Case study: ING Bank Śląski

Divante and Cursor participated in building an online platform for the ING Bank Śląski loyalty programme and are now responsible for its operation. The service includes all the activities related to the current functioning of the website and its further development. Divante started works on the bankujesz-zyskujesz project with a detailed analysis of the previous edition of the programme.


This stage of the project included singling out the strengths of the programme as well as its weaknesses which were eliminated from the refreshed formula of the programme. We developed a concept for a new version, started its implementation, hosting and marketing service of the platform, said Tomasz Karwatka, CEO of Divante.


The current operational service of bankujesz-zyskujesz programme is the responsibility of E-logistics Division of Cursor which selected products offered by the platform and created their descriptions and images. The company was also responsible for the integration of payments and logistics along with warehousing and sending of goods ordered by customers.


Every month, Cursor facilitates the mailing of a few thousand of packages to users of the bankujesz-zyskujesz loyalty programme. The company also provides office services for the management of the programme and a hotline for customers. All operations are coordinated which translates into efficient service of every interface with the end customer, said Grzegorz Wroniszewski, Director of E-logistics Division at Cursor.


Divante and Cursor exhibit at ORF

Divante is one of the most experienced companies in Poland in the development and optimisation of new sales channels. The company works for online stores, manufacturers, distributors and commercial networks from Poland, Western Europe and the US. It implements e-commerce solutions, integrates systems, designs and executes marketing activities.


Cursor is an expert in e-logistics and sales support. The company specialises in complex operational service of e-commerce sector, implements projects aimed at increasing sales, designs and operates customer loyalty programmes and marketing operations. The company has one of Poland’s largest logistics centres dedicated to the service of marketing materials and the e-commerce sector. Cursor has been operating on the Polish market since 2001.


Divante and Cursor will exhibit at the Omnichannel Retailing Forum, the first conference in Poland to attract experts in omnichannel and management practitioners representing more than 100 commercial chains and brands.

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