Case Study


Warehouse management and outsourcing of FMCG material distribution



  • Support of warehouse operation and management all over country.
  • Receipt, storage and assembly of goods warehoused.
  • Integration of warehouse systems with customer systems.
  • Implementation of project applications which improve communication between the customer and the supplier.

In times when a non-standard approach is necessary, Cursor enables its customers to fill their free warehouse space with goods of other non-competitive companies, which improves the utilisation of warehouse space and reduces the cost of infrastructure maintenance. As necessary, Cursor may also provide infrastructure needed to manage warehouses in an effective and modern way: shelves for high storage, mezzanines, lift cars, etc.

To handle its projects, Cursor established a dedicated team of over 100 employees (warehousemen, shift leaders, warehouse managers, contract managers).

Business benefits

  • Comprehensive high-storage warehouse management in accordance with top world standards
  • Reduction of warehousing and assembly costs
  • Flexible cooperation, reduction of the customer’s staff
  • Transfer of risk and liability for operation efficiency to a service provider
  • Provision of information which enables to manage stock and plan procurement in an effective way.

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