Case Study


Sales support competition

Producer of body care cosmetics

We offer various sales support actions, including, without limitation, buy & get promotions, tasting, events, competitions. All of them are prepared on the basis of the customer’s individual needs and project KPIs.

Cursor organises various types of competitions or SMS lotteries. The Company prepares creations (KV, POS, website banners, etc.), additional exhibitions and POSM materials at the points of sale where particular activities take place and provides promotional staff and all technologies necessary to carry out the project. Cursor is also responsible for the selection, purchase and full logistics of awards (including tax documents) connected with a given activity.

Thanks to its expanded off-site structure, Cursor can conduct events in several hundred places all over Poland at the same time. In this way sales animation actions are linked with other marketing actions (e.g. ATL) in an optimum way.

Business benefits

  • More effective use of the existing points of sale
  • Chance to reach new consumers
  • Reinforcement of brand identity and brand awareness among existing customers
  • Outsourcing of the organisation while maintaining the impact on the shape of a given activity
  • Outsourcing of all legal and tax actions connected with the organisation of sales support

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