Case Study


Sales of financial products at commercial outlets

One of the largest banks in Poland

Cursor also develops and calculates the cost of the very concept of direct sale. As a part of this service, we are also responsible for the development and organisation of temporary points of sale based on stands (often portable). In addition, Cursor is usually responsible for personnel training and sales supervision.

As a part of the comprehensive sales support, Cursor:

  • prepares the list of locations for points of sale, which are best from the point of view of products offered;
  • produces and installs points of sale;
  • provides all working tools (including cars for mobile sales representatives);
  • recruits and hires employees under employment contracts (in accordance with the applicable regulations), provides full administrative, HR and payroll services;
  • holds training and coaching;
  • supervises the sales process, reports results (including online system);
  • permanently monitors sales quality and reviews consumer complaints;
  • accounts for performance;
  • motivates employees;
  • produces and distributes sales support materials (e.g. leaflets, printouts, gadgets);
  • manages POSM materials (warehousing, logistics, installation/disassembly, renovation and utilisation);
  • organises additional actions, such as sampling and events, e.g. on the occasion of opening of new outlets.

Business benefits

  • Possibility of increasing sales volume fast, mainly in the wide (and geographical) market, at relatively small operating expenses. Outsourcing solutions offered by Cursor boost sales without increasing headcount in the customer’s organisation.
  • Verification of diversified settlement systems in order to easily compare and optimise cost effectiveness of individual solutions.
  • Reduction of management costs (HR management, headcount reorganisation and reduction, administration of IT tools and fleet).
  • Synergies achieved through the combination of logistic processes and promotional actions which Cursor specialises in.

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