Case Study


Management of a nation-wide sports event

Mineral water producer

Cursor offers comprehensive event campaigns, including concept, production, logistics and sales support processes. The Company has great experience in customer service, including the FMCG sector, and perfectly understands the specific character of image and sales actions in this sector. Cursor will be responsible for:

  • a project creative idea;
  • scenery production and branding;
  • logistics, installation and operation of exhibition materials, promotional equipment and all other devices and vehicles;
  • recruitment, training and management of promotion personnel and event staff, including payroll;
  • samplings and animations addressed to consumers;
  • promotional support actions at the points of sale;
  • other duties, as needed during the projects.

By organising events, Cursor helps producers of consumable goods to create such associations that may be easily reproduced at the points of sale. In addition, thanks to our comprehensive approach, the Company gathers information which is fundamental for shopper marketing actions.


  • Reaching a group of customers in the case of whom ATL advertising forms are inefficient and unconvincing;
  • Involving a customer in the brand marketing message;
  • Presenting a brand, showing its values, characteristics, merits and competitive advantages in comparison to other products;
  • Reduction of advertising costs (in comparison to ATL campaigns).

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