Case Study


Logistics of sales support materials within EMEA

Jewellery producer

As part of its cooperation with a jewellery producer, Cursor supports the operation and management of warehouses and POS materials in several countries in Europe and Asia, including: Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic states, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan or the United Arab Emirates. Under this project, the Company operates in 11 countries.

 Cursor is responsible for the whole logistic process:

  • from the receipt of goods in the central warehouse,
  • through storage,
  • the receipt of orders from particular shops in the regions,
  • confectioning,
  • customs clearance (if necessary),
  • distribution directly to jewellery shops to the acceptance of returns and utilisation.

In this case, sales support materials are printing products, as well as exhibition stands, jewellery stands, exclusive boxes and cases. In addition, the Company maintains a comprehensive insurance contract covering unexpected circumstances which materials could be exposed to.

Many processes under the project for the jewellery producer are carried out by the use of the IT system: WMS Qguar Pro and specially developed applications, which are used to order necessary POS materials directly by representatives of relevant points of sale in Europe and Asia. In this way the products are adjusted to the specific character of individual markets and are used as effective as possible.

Benefits for customers:

  • It is possible to carry out large-scale operations in accordance with a single customer’s needs and without an expanded internal structure
  • Full process security
  • Reduction of POSM storage and shipment costs
  • Fees only for space used and warehouse and logistics operations performed
  • Improved flexibility, precision and organisation of distribution

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