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Logistics, installations and revitalisation of large-sized marketing materials


Cursor provides comprehensive services related to the logistics, installation and revitalisation of marketing materials of any type (various stands, displays, printouts, inserts, small gadgets, etc.). The company is responsible for every stage of the process:

  • starting from the transport of materials from producers,
  • through the receipt of materials by the warehouse,
  • storage,
  • receipt of installation orders, contact with the customer’s sales representatives and points of sale;
  • POSM material assembly;
  • distribution to own regional warehouses (dozen warehouses all over Poland) and/or warehouses of our partners, and then delivery to the points of sale;
  • to the installation and maintenance of materials at the points of sale;
  • the renovation of used POSM materials;
  • and the utilisation of goods.

At present, Cursor manages several thousands of large-sized sales support materials. All processes are carried out by the use of an IT system which is tailored to the customer’s needs.


  • Reduction of the cost of POSM campaign and the installation of sales support materials by approximately 30%
  • Reduction of the cost of storage and POSM logistics
  • Fast implementation of marketing strategies
  • Full liability for materials
  • Efficiency and large-scale operations
  • Comfortable IT solutions

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