Case Study


Logistic management of an online shop

Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Cursor offers the comprehensive operation of online shops, which may enter the e-commerce market without additional investments, i.e. without increasing their area, buying an IT system or hiring additional staff.

The service includes:

  • the provision and operation of a dedicated IT system for e-shop management;
  • product warehousing;
  • receiving and preparing orders from internet users for shipment;
  • sales registration;
  • payment monitoring;
  • product distribution.

Cursor provides its customers with a dedicated warehouse and logistics infrastructure which allows for the operation of several hundreds of shipments a day.


  • Comprehensive support for online shops of any size.
  • Strict coordination of actions which are traditionally managed by various entities (packing, couriers, etc.), which guarantees that goods are delivered on time.
  • Perfect preparation and settlement of goods in accordance with orders placed by consumers.

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