Case Study


Development of distribution and sales actions in the retail and wholesale market

Products and services for individual consumers

Cursor offers comprehensive outsourcing of sales, including the preparation of a concept and cost estimate, the organisation of a trade team: recruitment, training, provision of working tools, supervision over performance and result reporting.

This service includes in particular:

  • recruitment of sales representatives and supervisory staff;
  • adjustment and development of procedures and instructions (ISO 9001:2008);
  • training;
  • provision of technical means;
  • goods management (vanselling model), including warehousing, logistics and sales registration;
  • team management in terms of goals, work planning, duty performance, technical support and coaching;
  • reporting of actions and achievement of trade goals;
  • permanent contact with customers.

Business benefits

Cursor’s service allows for the effective performance of trading and distribution activities without increasing headcount or investments in fixed assets, like working tools (vehicles, computers, reporting systems) within the customer’s own organisation.

Basic benefits arising from cooperation with Cursor include:

  • flexible and fast operation without geographical limitations: it usually takes not more than 4 weeks from a decision on cooperation to the establishment of a complete nation-wide team of more than 20 well-trained sales representatives equipped with working tools;
  • cost reduction thanks to the involvement of an outsourcer’s external resources (permanent suppliers mean bigger discounts, smaller purchase financing costs, etc.);
  • capability of fast conceptual, organisational or logistic reorganisation if project assumptions/parameters must be modified. Cost streamlining is also an effect of synergy of typically logistic activities connected, for example, with the distribution of POS materials or the reduction of administrative expenses (HR management costs, administration of working tools, such as car fleet or IT equipment);
  • possible focus on own business goals: an outsourcer is responsible for HR and infrastructure management;
  • transparent ongoing operating expenses of an external structure and ability to control the business effectiveness of solutions used on a continuous basis.

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